ECOTRAM ™ is the first self-driven cable car that carries visitors on an intimate aerial journey to explore diverse settings. It is electrically driven and can accommodate everyone, including seniors and most alternately abled persons. Ecotram LLC estimates that about half of the worldwide nature/ecotourism market is not served by cableways. This means millions of potential customers are waiting for an aerial adventure that allows an effortless nature experience.

Zip-lines and “ski-lifts” suffer a major shortcoming – they can’t stop.  Indeed, zip-lines are so fast that the scenery is a blur.  Both wildlife and nature lovers often choose to avoid noise generated by ziplines.  Ski-lifts are massive (as well as expensive) and they can’t go where the action is. Visitors want to be able to stop so they can watch and photograph undisturbed wildlife. As the only system able to satisfy these desires, Ecotram taps a huge sleeping market.

Potential Applications:

  • Tree houses
  • Platforms
  • Waterfalls
  • Wetlands
  • Hotels
  • Animal refuges
  • Detached aerial porches
  • Ski resorts
  • Areas with difficult or no access.

Perfect For:

  • Couples
  • Birdwatchers
  • Seniors
  • Researchers
  • Alternately Abled