ECOTRAM™ is the first, proprietary, self-driven aerial mobility device that carries riders on an intimate aerial journey to explore diverse settings. It is battery powered and can accommodate everyone, including seniors and most alternately abled persons.

Cutting Edge: No other cableway allows visitors to drive at their own pace and stop wherever they want while a swiveling chair makes videos, selfies and nature watching fun and rewarding. This vehicle accommodates devices such as GoPro and iPhones giving clients the opportunity to take aerial photos and videos of their unique flight through nature.

Two Cars: Couples drive independently in their own vehicle and can explore nature together.  This allows for great photographic opportunities and sharing in the experience.

Prototype Info: The original Ecotram cable car installation is situated over a picturesque canyon at a research facility in the Finger Lakes region of New York State. The cableway is a loop of about 250 feet supported by proprietary components. The cable hangs on three tree supports and one steel pole. The cable is composed of four individual spans linked in a loop. The vehicle travels in both directions and the chair swivels for taking photos or to face the direction of travel.


  • Engineering: Glynn Geotechnical Engineering
  • Vehicle Weight and Seating: Approximately 85 lbs without batteries.  Vehicle limited to one person for reasons of safety.
  • Weight Capacity: Maximum individual weight of the driver is 300 lbs.  However, lower weight is recommended.
  • Braking Types: For added safety cars have four types of braking:  Gearing, Regenerative charging, Electro-mechanical paking brake, and an automatically activated mechanical emergency brake.
  • Batteries: Not included. Uses deep-cycle 35-50 ah gel batteries or Lithium Ion.
  • Voltage: 24V — 2-12v Batteries cabled in series
  • Range on Single Charge: New, fully charged 35ah batteries approximately 4000 ft.
  • Recharging Time: Charger not included. Two to ten hours depending on amperage of  charger.
  • Voltage Meter: Measures level of discharge
  • Motor: Electric – brushed — mobility vehicle standard and includes lightweight aluminum gear box.
  • Speed: Approximately 1 ft/sec. Higher speeds are possible with different gearing
  • Regenerative: Controller has regenerative capability
  • Radio Controls: Special order.
  • Traffic Controller: Radio-controlled device for land-based operator. Multiple cars and cableway configurations are possible.
  • Vehicle Number: Depends upon operational design.  1-8 vehicles without Traffic Controller. 6-12 vehicles  With Traffic Controller.
  • Throttle: Lever handle, durable
  • Cover: Zippered, water-resistant cover available.
  • Hills: ECOTRAM DOES NOT LIFT PASSENGERS UP HILLS.  However, it does serve low treehouses.  It can also ride up a 5% grade for a limited distance
  • Downhill Travel: Ecotram can travel downhill at a 5% grade. System for car return can be special ordered.
  • Varied Topography: Can cross gullies, canyons, rivers, swamps and circle hill tops. The cableway must follow a more or less level gradient.
  • Cable spans: Designed for up to 450 ft. Longer span design by special order.  Cable size ranges from 1/2″ up to 5/8″.
  • Cableway Length:  Depends on number and length of cable spans.  2000 feet or more is possible on a single charge .
  • Supports: Posts, poles, trees, existing structures.
  • Frame: Powder coated steel.
  • Seat:  Water proof plastic
  • Installation: Certified Installation Only. Ecotram LLC provides a list of certified independent installers.
  • Site Feasibility Study: Per diem and travel expenses apply.