Q:  How long are the EcoTram cable spans?

A:  Each cable span can be up to 200 ft. Longer spans are possible by special order.

Q:  What kind of supports does an EcoTram cableway require?

A:  Each cableway can utilize a variety of supports, from existing trees and other structures to a system of posts and poles; site-specific solution based on on-site feasibility study (per diem and travel expenses apply).

Q:  What is the EcoTram maximum passenger weight?

A:  Weight Capacity is 320 lbs.

Q:  How much does an EcoTram unit weigh?

A:  Approximately 80 lbs without batteries.

Q:  How fast does the EcoTram go?

A:  EcoTram speed is approximately 1 foot per second. Higher speeds are possible by special order.

Q:  How many single passenger vehicles can an EcoTram line accommodate?

A:  2 vehicles. With a Traffic Controller w radio-controlled device, up to 12 vehicles.

Q:  How many configurations of EcoTram are possible?

A:  Multiple (2-12) car and site-specific cableway configurations are possible. (Traffic Controller with radio-controlled device required for 3-12 vehicles.)

Q:  Does EcoTram go up and/or down hills?

A:  The cableway does not go up hills. It must follow a more or less level gradient. EcoTram can travel downhill at a 5% grade. System for car return can be special-ordered.

Q:  How does EcoTram compare to zip lines?

A:  EcoTram offers a new dimension to the adventure/nature tourism market, especially in contrast to the familiar but limited zip line experience. Zip lines are not user-controllable, whereas in an EcoTram the rider is in complete control of speed and direction of an intimate encounter with nature.